Smart Home 2.0

Atmos is the ultimate smart home control solution, bringing the control of all your current and future connected devices together. It’s the smartest, easiest way to control your smart home with simple voice commands and touchscreen navigation, using the sleek, high-definition interface.

The Problem

With the number of connected devices in our homes skyrocketing the challenge is becoming how to control them all conveniently. Most connected device makers have chosen the smartphone as their preferred method of controlling their devices. With each connected device having it’s own app, a smart home with several devices has become extremely unintuitive to interact with. If you own more than one or two connected devices, you've no doubt experienced the frustration of unlocking your phone, waiting for the connected device apps to open, just to turn on your lights or adjust the temperature.


Complete Home Control

Atmos is the easiest way to make your home a smart home. Control your lighting, climate control, entertainment, security, and even appliances in the most natural way possible - with your voice. Use the high definition touchscreen for more refined control of all your devices. Make your home smart with the Atmos smart home control.

Smart Home. Unified.

Atmos simplifies your smart home by unifying the control of all of your smart devices.


Tell Atmos to turn on the kitchen lights or even queue up your favorite Spotify playlist. Control all of your devices effortlessly using just your voice.


Atmos is compatible with most major brands of home automation products out of the box and we're adding more every day. Philips Hue, Belkin WeMo, Nest, Sonos, Spotify, and DirecTV, just to name a few.


So many of our connected devices today incorporate video, whether it's a baby monitor or security camera, Atmos gives you convenient access to these devices, and without your smart phone.

Atmos Expand Smart Light Switch

The Atmos Expand Smart Switch instantly adds smart lighting control to your home without the need to replace your existing bulbs. Once installed, just swipe up or down on the touchscreen to adjust your current lighting levels. The Atmos Expand Smart Switch also integrates with your Atmos Smart Home Control system, bringing the core Atmos functions to each room with an Atmos smart switch. Utilize full voice control functionality as well as the main features of the Atmos Smart Home Control user interface.

The Atmos Expand Smart Switch also solves another major problem. Many smart lighting systems cease to operate when no Wi-Fi signal is present. Atmos has solved this problem by developing a proprietary interface between the main Atmos Smart Home Control and Atmos Expand Smart Switches that do not require Wi-Fi or any other wireless standard. Your smart lighting has never been so reliable.

Compatible With...Everything