Simplify Your Smart Home.

AtmosControl is the 1st Smart Home Controller
that combines Touch, Voice, App, and Gesture controls.


Universal Smart Home Controller

AtmosControl is like having a universal remote for all of your smart home devices. With a touchscreen that supports full video, plus voice and gesture controls, it’s the easiest way to manage your lights, thermostat, music, cameras, doorbell, locks, and more. All for just $299.

Avoid the App Clutter

AtmosControl Rules Them All

If you own multiple devices, you've likely experienced this problem. Each smart device comes with its own app. As you add devices, your phone gets cluttered with apps.

With AtmosControl, the solution is one of pure convenience. With its simple setup, AtmosControl discovers your smart devices, so you can control them all from 1 place.


Simply Connect

Automatic Device Discovery

AtmosControl is the easiest way to make your home a smart home. During setup, your AtmosControl automatically searches for your devices, making installation a breeze.

You can also create scenes where you can ask AtmosControl to "start the day" or "shut down for the night," and it will automatically perform multiple tasks, like magic!

Smart Home... Made Smarter

How AtmosControl Goes Beyond Other Hubs and Controllers


Ways to Connect Your Devices

By including WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Infrared, AtmosControl connects lights, thermostats, cameras, doorbells, speakers, TVs, garage doors, ceiling fans, door locks, window treatments, appliances, and more.


Ways to Use AtmosControl

Along with touchscreen and voice controls, AtmosControl also includes a smartphone app and is the world's 1st smart home controller with gesture controls.


Controller is All You Need

With the ability to automatically connect an unlimited number of smart home devices, AtmosControl is able to grow with you. It's the last smart home controller you'll need.

Compatible With 1000+ Devices

And We're Adding More Each Week


Smart Lights, but with Regular Bulbs

The AtmosSwitch will allow you to add smart lighting to your home, without the expense of replacing your existing bulbs.

Launching in mid-2019, the AtmosSwitch will allow you to control your lights with touch, voice, and gesture controls. It will expand the capabilities of your AtmosControl to every room, without requiring you to upgrade to expensive smart bulbs.